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Luxor General Trading is a hospitality supply company whose objective is to provide the highest quality of products and services to hospitality industry.

Though a new entrant in a very competitive market we nevertheless pursued our objective of becoming a credible supplier in the industry. And through outstanding services, on time productions and highest regard to serve our esteemed client with excellence, within 3 years in the industry, we are now trusted by most of the major hotel industry players including some large property developers. Here at Luxor General Trading, we continue to play an increasing role in the industry with a commitment to bring distinct added value and professionalism into this very competitive industry. Our highly motivated sales team will always prioritize our clients to give extra effort in listening and catering their concerns and needs. We believe that “Hotel Guest satisfaction ensures long term business”. We are confident that our quality products will be appreciated by hotel guests making their stay long, satisfying and a remarkable experience.

Truly Luxor General Trading will continue to embrace its dreams with a solid foundation rooted in integrity and dedication to service, generating goodwill and professional integration with its peers, its clients, and the industry it serves and will serve.